Don’t forget your booties, it’s Groundhog Day!

Spoonflower’s challenge this week is “Other Holidays” – anything but December holidays are fair game. My mind went immediately to Groundhog Day, mainly because it’s one of my very favorite movies. I’ve watched it multiple times over the year and it never gets less funny. To honor the day I came up with “Groundhog Day Damask” print featuring our pal, Punxsatawny Phil, otherwise known as The Groundhog, in two scenes. The first one shows him sleepy and grumpy with a cup of coffee and a sleeping cap peeking out of the ground to a flood of sunlight and a big shadow in front of him – thumbs down, 6 more weeks of winter. The other shows Phil in the same pose, this time on an overcast day surrounded by spring flowers. He is grinning, thumbs up, beer in hand and sporting a jaunty gold crown. I just love how it turned out! Hopefully it will do well in the challenge. If you’d like to vote for this fun design, voting is open to the public, ending Tuesday Nov 21.