Bold color and brushwork layered with geometric and world-inspired patterns, the collections presented illustrate Rochelle Weiner Carr’s unique perspective on surface pattern design. The collections below each include a series of motifs and colorways. Click on the designs to see more.


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79th Place Winner!
Top 18% in Challenge!
82nd Place Winner!
64th Place Winner!
Top 6% in Challenge!
69th Place Winner!
30th Place Winner!
18th Place Winner!
Placed #53 in Challenge!
34th Place Winner!
Placed #55 in challenge!
Top 4% in Pantone Challenge!
Top 9% in Block Print challenge!
Top 6% in Floriography Challenge!
Placed top 7% in challenge!
36th Place Winner!
Top 13% in Challenge
38th Place Winner!
Top 12% in Challenge!
Top 6% in Challenge!
Top 5% in Challenge!
Top 13% in Challenge!
Placed 16th in Challenge!
Top 25% in Challenge!

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Ro Carr mixes skills from long careers in both graphic design and fine art to present a fresh portfolio in surface pattern design.

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