East Fork Challenge at Spoonflower

Last week’s competition is a partnership with the East Fork Pottery company. I’m finding out that SF occasionally brings in a commercial partner to be part of these challenges. Winners get a ton of special prizes from the partnering company, in this case lots of East Fork pottery and their designs used in an EF pop up shop.

East Fork’s challenge is to design table linens to complement their new line, and the design must use as the dominant colors “Butter & Piglet”, which are a soft shade of pink and yellow.

I don’t typically use pastel colors in my work so this was a challenge I wouldn’t have come up with for myself. I ended up pairing with another color from the East Fork general palette – an earthy brown color – and came up with a design I’ve called “Thistles & Vines“.

Results are in and I placed at #268 out of a whopping 2153 entries. Wow! While I’m in the top 8%, I did not make it above the fold this time. Looking forward to next week – “Abstract Animal Print Curtains”!