Intangible Magic

An inscrutable and likely AI written brief for this week’s Spoonflower challenge, plus a very odd palette, has thrown most of the artist straight up in the air. Here’s the brief and the palette:

“Pantone’s “Intangible” palette includes colors that invite the tactile and sensitive to prevail as an intangible value, symbolizing contrasts and mixtures between anthropological memories and hopeful futures. Disembodied, abstract and moving colors that together offer light and when displayed in subtle gradient effects create a look of magical, iridescent mirrors.”

Ok. Hm.

I’ve been seriously impressed with a lot of the entries – these Spoonflower artists never disappoint! I found it a very tough palette to work with as all the colors were muted and a little strange, and putting them side by side provided almost no contrast. Just – weird.

I did a few different designs and finally came back to my original idea – mushrooms. My entry is called Intangible Magic Mushrooms.

Voting has begun and is open through Tuesday afternoon, October 24!