Skies Above Challenge

Some weeks, my entries for the design challenges at Spoonflower come together easily. I’d had a couple weeks in a row of knowing just what I wanted to do and then miraculously was able to achieve that vision without much fanfare. Yay!

That can’t be every week though.

I spent many hours working on ideas for the Skies Above challenge. I started and abandoned 3 or 4 totally different designs. Completed one that I loved, but then decided it was a better fit for the upcoming kids bedding challenge, as it skews young in spirit.

Dissatisfied with progress, I started over again yesterday, and finally came up with a design which makes me happy. This morning I did some revisions and I entered Sunshine Birds of Paradise in the Skies Above challenge.

I prepared two extra colorways, dawn (pink) and dusk (blue), and I hope to find time to add at least a couple more designs to fill out a collection. Right now though, I have just this one hero to show, and for now that will have to be good enough!

Voting runs from Thurs July 27 – Tues Aug 1, and is open to the public!