The Pandemic Pivot

Pandemic affected this world in a cacophony of ways, grand and small. Beyond the obvious problems caused from the illness and anxieties surrounding that, the social aspects have been an adjustment for all of us. For me, the pandemic has afforded the gift of time to take a closer look at my career.

For a long time now, I have been an independent graphic designer and web developer. I launched Andiamo Creative in Chicago in 1998, and in 2015 relocated to my home town Milwaukee. I’ve had lots of wins, some losses, and work with some truly great people, clients and creative partners alike. Andiamo Creative is my bread and butter and I am very proud what I’ve been building all these years. I hope to continue in that vein for some time to come.

Sample logo created by Rochelle W Carr at Andiamo Creative.
Andiamo Creative branding projects designed by Rochelle W Carr

I have also for a long time been pursuing a parallel track in fine art. I’ve had some successes there too, I’ve shown in galleries and museums, my work resides in public places like the Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee Area Technical College, the Village of Shorewood and many private homes. I’ve also been lucky enough to get my work on network TV, won some awards, and my work has even been published a few times. However, Andiamo comes first as the primary income source so I’ve not had the time to pursue the art career in a serious way, and that’s ok, mostly.

Paintings by Rochelle W Carr

I love that my professional life is all about creating. But what is it that I like about it, specifically? What it always comes down to is the drawing – that’s the part that truly speaks to my soul.

So – going forward, how do I move more of my working hours into the realm of drawing?

Three words:

Surface. Pattern. Design.

Hello, world, I’d like you to meet Ro Carr Studio.

Illustration of the Ro Carr Studio logo on a purple background.
Illustration of Ro Carr Studio Logo