Tropical Fruits Challenge

Tropical fruits! How fun! That’s this week’s challenge at Spoonflower – and my first thought went to a colorful damask full of details. However on building this design and drawing all the details, I found that the full color look that was forming was not looking the way I’d envisioned. I went through multiple iterations before I came to the final concept which is a much muted version of the original. I limited the palette to three colors and suddenly it all came together. This design includes lemon trees, fig trees, pineapples, monkeys and parrots. All that detail in a highly textured damask works much better with a quiet palette.

I ended up doing multiple colorways, but my fave was the more traditional-feeling navy, white and yellow.

Wish me luck! Voting runs from 6/8/23 – 6/13/23.