Birthday Table Linens Challenge

This week’s Spoonflower challenge threw me a bit. I did 4 different designs before I came to a solution that I like. I don’t think the small details will show well in the challenge, but I really like the design so, let’s just see how it does. The design challenge was to design table linens, specifically a table runner, for a birthday party celebration. In considering this challenge I knew the design must read well from all angles as opposed to a directional design. Also I wanted to make sure it was gender neutral, and could be used for a party of any age group, and hopefully unique in the marketplace.

I decided to create a victorian lace design – but within the stitches are pies and cupcakes and sundaes and birthday cakes.

I’ve entered this blue/aqua version to the challenge, but I plan to expand to more colors and probably have another similar design without the Happy Birthday message so it could be used for other kinds of parties as well.

Fingers crossed! Voting starts on Thurs April 27!