I keep myself engaged on my health walks by taking photos. Being someone who is often inspired by what I see, going for a walk around my neighborhood, city parks, or while on vacation, I’m constantly snapping. I’m even working on a photo book that celebrates my neighborhood and home town.

Since working on this portfolio of surface pattern designs, I have found myself taking different kinds of photos – close ups of textures for instance – which I’d not much focused on before.

I recently took a close up of exposed wood from a felled tree and embedded it in the background of the below pattern design, which I’m calling Carved Argyle. It lends an authenticity to the texture that I don’t think I could have come close to with a drawing or a painting.

Carved Argyle

Lots to play with here! I let the texture guide the painting that I layered on top. Still working on this idea for a collection, but for now – I am happy painting! 😀