Quilting the Solstice

This week’s design challenge at Spoonflower is Winter Holiday Patchwork. You’d think this would have come naturally to me given how many women in my family are quilters – yet I struggled. Sometimes you just get a creative block. I had wanted to do a design based on the 12 days of Christmas and after much work on that idea, I abandoned it because it just wasn’t coming together. Instead, I ended up with the below design that focuses on a Winter Solstice celebration. Looking at the other entries, now that voting has begun, I can see I was a bit off on my interpretation. Ah well. I still really like how it turned out and I did a fun mini collection around it in case anyone actually wants to build a quilt with this design. I’ve called it Lapland Solstice and the collection is for sale now on Spoonflower.