Spoonflower challenges

I’ve started entering the weekly design challenges on the Spoonflower platform. So far, this has been an inspiring and encouraging endeavor! Winners get spoondollars placed in their coffers on the platform, but the bigger win is that SF then starts promoting your work in their marketing.

My first two entries did poorly, but my third entry – to design wallpaper for an Italian Villa – got 170 votes. This placed me at #71 out of 1281 entries. Not bad! I also was in the top percentage which means my entry shows up in the photo section of the promo page (seen at left), making it easy for interested shoppers to see my work and easily click to my shop page.

My entry is called “Lemon Harvest Verde” and it’s a bucolic scene in green, white and gold depicting a couple white does beneath a lemon tree and a decorative urn overflowing with lemons. The wallpaper is for sale now on Spoonflower, and you can also get this printed on all the other types of products – fabrics, curtains, table linens, etc.

So – very happy about placing so high in this competition and better than that I’ve joined what’s turning out to be a huge and welcoming network of inspiring artists. Looking forward to the next!