Warm Minimalism

Oh gosh – this is so not my challenge. The current design challenge theme at Spoonflower.com is “Warm Minimalism”. While I am a fan of minimalism in general, my taste leans toward the stark and bold marks of Franz Kline rather than light, airy and low contrast that I see in some minimalist interiors. Not to mention the design style I’ve been cultivating is the opposite of the brief – colorful, and highly detailed with layers of texture. So – coming up with a design for this challenge was a challenge indeed.

My entry, “Moroccan Zig Zag” is absolutely “minimal-for-me” , and in a warm neutral palette that makes me think of creamy caramel desserts. The strong zig zag of the design is inspired by the bold marks I respond to in minimalist paintings, and the detail work was revised at least 10 times as I removed more and more from my original drawing. Looking at my full collection gives almost a history of the different options I developed until I got to the final entry.

I’m still not sure it fits the brief, in comparison to many of the entries I’ve seen from other artists this week. However – I do really love this design. I hope you do too and will consider tossing me a vote!

Voting is open to the public and runs from Feb 29 – March 12.